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The tale of the two-headed film-monster


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Enlightened Brewery

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 Two Heads > One

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We (Ryan Bingham & Josh Paul Halverson) met early on in our filmmaking careers.

We made some bad projects. We made some worse mistakes. But we got better every time.

We didn’t become directors the moment we walked out of film school. We cut our teeth on features as grips, commercials as gaffers and eventually cinematographers. We learned the craft, studied the process and worked to get there.

As two budding cinematographers, on paper, we were competitors, but ignored that and opted to build each other up. It also drove us both to work harder, like teammates—who would get better faster?

“Me, obviously” - both

We’d crew for each other, work for free on each other’s projects and developed a shorthand—at times nonverbal—as we’d bring scenes to life.

One of us might be holding the camera, while the other gives notes to the actor. Then we switch spots and the other would shoot. We try to remove ego and always push forth to elevate the work. Sometimes, when things get really wild, we use two cameras, shooting video and stills simultaneously—(double bazooka).

This process as a whole is now referred to as ‘bashing’.

i.e. —————-> “Should we bash it?”



And that’s how

Bash Test.png

was born.


As DP’s we’ve shot Emmy winning ad campaigns, national branding projects, and our directing work has been featured on Adweek.

Our storytelling relies on momentum, iconic frames, sound and light.

We are versatile. We are different.

We are Bash.


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